This 38-page hardcover book was released in 1938 in the United States with a particularly recognizable cover adorned with flowers. No author is mentioned, although it is a text by Dorothy Ann Blank originally published in Good Housekeeping magazine and reworked for this publication. Nevertheless, the first few pages of the book bear the name of the publisher, Grosset & Dunlap New York, the copyright “1938 by Walt Disney Enterprises Hollywood California” and a statement that the book was printed in the United States.
A dust jacket contains on its flaps the serial number (5050) and advertisements for other books, including a book by Françoise, “Fanchette and Jeannot” which sets its action in a Breton village!
The credited illustrator is Walt Disney, which avoids attributing the real authorship of the drawings. Like the cover, the book contains mainly the most famous illustrations by Gustaf Tenggren, also previously published in Good Housekeeping magazine, sometimes in color, sometimes in black and white. But Tom Wood’s drawings also appear (Snow White making pie), and reproductions of photographs of cel set-ups, such as the studio could prepare for the Courvoisier gallery.