Thelma Hubbard


Born Thelma Hubbard on October 31, 1909 in Panama City, she died on April 21, 1978 in Los Angeles.

In July 1927, she appeared at the Pasadena Community Theater in “Easy Virtue”. In September 1927, she appeared at the Lurie Theater in San Francisco in the play “Twinkle Twinkle”.

She married writer, radio personality and former child star True Boardman in early 1935 in Tijuana, Mexico. On September 28, 1935, a daughter was born to them, while Thelma starred in the radio series “Hollywood Hotel”. In June 1937, she played the lead role of “Cassandra” in a radio play written by her husband.

Snow White

Thelma was one of the candidates to lend her voice to Snow White in the original English version. It seems that she was heard on a few onomatopoeias, but more importantly, she was offered several consolation prizes when Adriana Caselotti won the role, no doubt because she could do both the singing and speaking, which Thelma could not. As a result, Thelma provided the voice of Snow White for a radio adaptation, and recorded the role for the first dubbing to be recorded after English: the Spanish version. Blanca Nieves thus carries her strong North American accent throughout the film, which she miraculously loses when she sings, since… it’s obviously not Thelma who does the singing.

After Snow White

Thelma’s collaboration with Walt Disney didn’t end there: for a time, she became the voice of Minnie Mouse, mainly on the radio, sometimes alongside Stuart Buchanan as the voice of Goofy. She was also the voice of Donald’s angel in Donald’s Better Self. She also lent her voice to several female characters in Bambi.

In 1938, she took part in the radio series “True Story Hour”, and from 1942, she appeared in “Plays for Americans” and weekly in “This Our America”, produced by her husband.

Thelma also wrote several plays: “A Woman’s Place” in 1946, “His Own Rope” in 1947, “Far Away Bride” in 1953.