During the development of the feature film, several sequences were abandoned at different stages of development. Some were in the writing stage, others were completely finished. But none of them ended up in the final cut. It is impossible to be exhaustive on this chapter because of the many stages where a scene can be cut, but here is a sample.

The death of Snow White’s mother

This is effectively summarized in the book in the opening sequence. But if the sequence apparently did not reach the stage of animation, many media (books, records, albums …) reproduce the image of this mother so absent.

The Meeting with Prince Bucket-Head

There are several versions of sequence 2A where Snow White meets the Prince. Before finding the perfect musical scene where everything is told succinctly through songs, the filmmakers originally injected a little more humor in the male character who uses Snow White’s tub to introduce himself instead of the well.

In the storyboards, the Prince is much more energetic, jumping around once he gets his kiss. This made it possible to animate him in an unrealistic way, a choice of simplification not retained. The difficulties of animation linked to this character who had to move in a credible way for a human and marry grace and masculinity have shortened his appearance, but for a greater fluidity of the story.

Doc & Grumpy fighting

Sequence 5a ends with a consensus for the dwarfs: “Hurray! She stays!” they decide about the girl. But after that, Grumpy had other objections and even had a fight with Doc. The scene was animated and at least partially painted. You can understand why it was not included when you see Snow White simpering, a little disdainfully, “Don’t let ME break up your happy home”, a reaction that is totally inappropriate for the character. The two dwarfs’ fistfight was not a great example either.

The Soup Sequence

Once Grumpy is washed, the dwarfs finally enjoy Snow White’s good meal. This special sequence contained a song. It was recorded and the scene was animated but never put in color because it was cut by Walt Disney who explained later that it was “not essential for the story”.

This sequence became the most famous cut scene of the film. Broadcast on American and French television from the 50s and 60s respectively, it is also included in the VHS, Laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray releases of the film.

Dancing in the Clouds

Sequence 8b is famous because it is where Snow White sings “Someday my Prince will come” to her friends. But originally, a second part was to contrast with the simple, warm and almost maternal atmosphere of the first part: on an instrumental arrangement, we were to see the dream of the young girl who found herself floating in the clouds with her prince on board an enchanted boat pulled by anthropomorphic stars. Snow White will not dance for reasons of cost and flow of the story.  The stars won’t be lost though: they can be seen in the short film Wynken, Blynken & Nod.

The Cauldron

The beginning of sequence 9a must have been considered too scary because it is the only scene that was cut, although it was completely finished. Many filter tests had been done to give a phosphorescent glow from the beverage. We find this sequence in pencil on the laserdisc, and finished on the DVD.