While the dwarfs ask the Princess to tell them a story, it’s actually transparent that the young girl is revealing herself through a song that has become world-famous: “Some Day My Prince Will Come”. This moment of perfect tranquility is reflected in the dwarfs’ smiling faces, on which the camera lingers.


Here is the sequence broken up into scenes with the corresponding animators.

Concept drawings


When Snow White comes to the end of the song, the clock wakes them all up from a daze, but originally Walt Disney wanted the music to soar as the background would fade around Snow White to reveal that she was walking on a cloud and imagined her Prince in a swan-shaped flying boat, surrounded with anthropomorphic stars. This dreamlike sequence proved too expensive to make and was eventually discarded. The anthropomorphic stars featured in these scenes were used in the Silly Symphony Wynken, Blynken & Nod and in the feature film Wish. The numbering of the scenes in this deleted section, determined by the numbers on the drawings, is chaotic and obviously underwent many changes before being purely removed from the production documents. The idea was reused in the production of Cinderella, with a song called “Dancing on a Cloud”, but it was also deleted from the final cut. This concept was eventually used in the final sequence of Sleeping Beauty.

Animation Drawings

Layouts and Backgrounds