In perfect contrast to the sinister atmosphere of the Queen’s transformation, joy reigns in the dwarfs’ thatched cottage, where everyone sings and dances. The movements of the characters have been the subject of numerous studies based on live footage, and magnificent studies have resulted in original versions of musical instruments. The animation of this sequence was so good that it was reused in numerous feature films over the years, including The Aristocats and Robin Hood.

Scenes 10 to 12 were cut late into production, so the soundtrack remains on the original soundtrack records: it’s Sneezy’s solo, animated by Les Clark, which tells us that he was born with his beard and that it was used as a diaper!

In a memorable blooper, scenes 43, 44 and 49E show Dopey’s hands playing the drums and clapping at… Dopey dancing with Snow White!


Here is the sequence broken up into scenes with the corresponding animators.

Two cels were mistakenly swaped in scene 49C on the final print. Below is a version of the scene with them in the right order.

Concept drawings



As can be seen below, besides Marge Belcher for Snow White, Eddie Collins for Dopey and other dwarf, Oliver Wallace, Wilfred Jackson and other adults, at least two children were used to model for the dwarfs.

On the photograms of Scene 33B, a prankster animator added philacteries, having Wilfred Jackson and Marjorie Belcher talk, to ironize that Art Babbitt, who was then dating Belcher and would soon marry her, might be jealous of seeing them dance together.

Animation Drawings

Layouts and Backgrounds