Snow White has had several versions of its credits.

The original American credits featured an art deco set that, for each credit, was photographed in a different frame or with various shadow filters. It proudly proclaimed the specificities of the work presented: namely the fact that it was a full-length animated film in color by Technicolor ©. Walt Disney, without being able to credit the 500 artists who had contributed to the creation of the film, addressed a message of gratitude to all of them. By his choice, none of the actors who had lent their voices or their features to the characters were mentioned either. The distributor RKO is mentioned at the beginning and their logo graces the end title. That version was restored for the Blu-ray of 2009 and the following releases.

After several re-releases of Snow White with the first credits, Walt Disney changed distributors. In order to remove the RKO mention from the credits and the logo from the end card, the credits were redone for the 1958 US release.

Unfortunately, the original art was no longer usable. (In an interview transcribed in volume 2 of Snow White’s People, we learn that it is a “stock” set of credits, apparently not preserved) It was quickly decided to create a new one in the same style, so that the audience would notice the change as little as possible.

Fundamental changes were made: to speed up the process, no variations of angles or filters were made and the titles were static.

The credits also shrunk to allow a matted projection. Indeed, the projection standard had changed since 1953 and the appearance of Cinemascope ©. The prestige films were shot in wide format and the others were now projected by matting the top and bottom of the image to give an aspect close to 1:66. The films shot before this date and benefiting from a re-release are thus unsuited to the new image format. This will no longer be the case for Snow White, at least for its credits.  These credits are on the 2001 DVD and its collector version.

My sincere appreciation for the members of my staff whose loyalty and creative endeavor made possible this production.

Walt Disney