The unforgettable music of the film was largely composed by Frank Churchill for the songs, Larry Morey for the lyrics, while Leigh Harline and Paul J. Smith composed most of the background music, sometimes using Churchill’s themes.

In his book, Karl Derisson tells us that Max Terr, Paramount’s music director at the time, was responsible for the masterful orchestration of the credits and the final scene.

Freeman High was also responsible for the arrangements, and the Hall Johnson Choir performed the chorus.

According to information provided in some of the soundtrack CDs, Frank Churchill conducted the orchestra.

For the musicologists among you, the entire score has been issued in facsimile.

Since the original release of the film, as was the custom at the time, many “pop” versions of the songs have been recorded around the world with different covers, and various arrangements (for children, adults) of the songs were published.

What is new, however, is that the original soundtrack of the film, or at least a temporary version of it, was sold on disc. Until then, the usual practice was to release the musical hits of the latest successful movie performed by the most popular singers and orchestras. In that respect, Snow White is no exception. Selling the actual soundtrack of the film is an innovation and its success launched the fashion.