Don Brodie, a surprisingly prolific actor, tells us in his interview with David Johnson about his experience on the film where, wearing a fake nose and a big cape, he lent his silhouette to the witch of the film. His voice had previously been heard on secondary characters in the studio’s short films.

He remembers that his first scene is that of the cauldron, which will be cut later, although fully animated.

We see him below climbing on a wooden installation that represents the cliff that will be fatal to the character. This is an action that he had to repeat about twenty times to satisfy David Hand who directed his sequences.

For the anecdote, in his costume, he will cross one day in the mensroom the brother of Walt, Roy Disney, who will then ask him to leave the place to go to the ladies!

We find him later in Pinocchio in the role of Gepetto when he is swallowed by the whale.