The dwarfs offer Snow White the use of their room, giving Grumpy a chance to complain and the animators a chance to find new gags in the motley assortment of places the little men choose to spend the night. The soothing music heard during this sequence is in keeping with the tradition of sleep scenes, recurrent in Disney’s work (The Old Mill, Pinocchio, Fun and Fancy Free, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book…).

The current sequence begins at scene 6A, because at the start of the sequence, a gag animated by Les Clark was to show Dopey knocking over a pile of logs on which Sleepy had dozed off while Snow White was singing. Awakened with a start, Sleepy requested her to “tell a story” again, as before Snow White had complied. Scene 14A seems to be the only scene of the film with absolutely no animation, not even effects.


Here is the sequence broken up into scenes with the corresponding animators.

Concept drawings



Below are a few stills from a film documenting the shooting of scenes 8 and 23 with Marge Belcher.

Animation Drawings

Layouts and Backgrounds