A landmark in the history of animation

The New York Times

The One The All Want To Own!

With this catch phrase, Walt Disney Home Video announced retailers that they would finally release their most priced posession on home video, when the public had been waiting for over a decade for the film to come out on the popular VHS format. Retailers could prebook the tapes from September 6, 1994 and street date was set on October 25, 1994. The suggested retail price was $26.99 for the film “fully restored beyond its original brilliance!” It was “destined to be the biiggest sales opportunity of a lifetime!” Indeed, the film sold like pancakes to the then 75 million VCR owners, especially because it was announced that it would be available for a limited time before it would go back in moratorium. Consumers could save up to $15 with mail-in rebates and instant reedemable coupons available in the box.

Tape introduction

Walt Disney’s nephew Roy Edward Disney introduced the film when it came out on home video in the USA.