Valérie Siclay in 2023

Born on March 2, 1972, Valérie Siclay has been the French voice of Snow White since 2001, the year of the film’s third dubbing.

Invited to the eighteenth series and dubbing convention, actress Valérie Siclay reflected on her career and beginnings. Her mother, Annick Siclay, is an actress and casting director for television. When Valérie was only four years old, her nanny let her down, so her mother took her to her workplace. Coincidentally, in the adjacent studio, a colleague was looking for a four-year-old girl for a role. Valérie was hired and did some shootings, notably with Guillaume Boisseau, brother of Damien Boisseau, who introduced her to dubbing at the age of nine.

Her first major role in this field that she remembers is that of Pollyanna in the eponymous Japanese animated series in 1988. At sixteen, she held the lead role across 51 episodes, leaving a lasting impact on several generations, as the series has been rerun many times to this day in France. During her time in the studio, she even crossed paths with actress Lucie Dolène, who played multiple roles in the same series. Among her other significant roles is the lead character in the series “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.”

The dubbing of Snow White in 2001 remains a “wonderful memory” for her. When offered the role, she recalls calling Lucie Dolène, who told her that since the film had to be redubbed anyway, she had her blessing. Despite her extensive experience since then, Valérie Siclay remembers that Snow White is the only film where she was made to listen not only to the original English version but also to the previous French dubbing. This was done to closely match the interpretation of the actors from the 1962 version. Like with Snow White, Valérie Siclay shares the role of Giselle, played by Amy Adams, with Rachel Pignot, who handles the singing, in “Enchanted” and “Disenchanted.” She has also reprised the role of Snow White in other Disney productions such as “Lego Disney Princess: The Castle Quest.”

Today, for several years, she has been directing studios for Disney and other companies, including the dubbing of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” for which the quality earned her the gratitude of enthusiasts.


Here is a 2004 interview (in French) of Valérie Siclay.