The main character of the film presented an unprecedented technical and artistic challenge for the studios: even for a few minutes in short films, no animator had, until then, managed to achieve the degree of realism sought in the movements of a human character. The example of the Silly Symphony The Goddess of Spring is often cited, where the initial dance, which is meant to be graceful, is performed by a Goddess with arms that appear to be boneless.

Marge Belcher is the undisputed main model for Snow White. But for some sequences, other people were used, such as Betty Kimball, and some dialogue was animated on her recordings. The border between sound and image being porous, Adriana Caselotti herself, in addition to having done the voice of the character, also claims, in an interview with David Johnson, to have served as a model, especially for her hair. It is also possible that Virginia Davis, the silent “Alice” of Walt Disney, has lent her figure in addition to her voice.

It is quite plausible that different models played the same scene.