A Canadian War Short

This short film (without spoken dialogue) entitled All Together was made for Canada as part of the war effort and was released there after January 1942, the month in which the copy was sent to the National Film Board of Canada. This is the fourth and final short film to support the purchase of Canadian war bonds, the first being The Thrifty Pig, which used the popularity of the Three Little Pigs, the second 7 Wise Dwarfs, and the third Donald’s Decision.

Here we find the seven dwarfs taking part in a parade in front of the Canadian Parliament, preceded by Pinocchio, Gepetto, Mickey (whose only performance in a war effort), Goofy, Horace and other characters. The three little pigs are present musically, as it is the music from the credits of Three Little Wolves that is heard right after the music of the parade, as was the case in 7 Wise Dwarfs.

As in the previous shorts, the animation of a sequence from the feature film is reused here, changing the design so that the dwarfs no longer carry their picks, but signs. This film and other wartime shorts, such as The Winged Scourge, receive very limited distribution today.

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