A 100th anniversary short film

On October 15, 2023, the Walt Disney studio celebrated its 100th anniversary. For the occasion, ABC aired a program entitled “Disney’s 100th Anniversary Celebration”, hosted by Kelly Ripa. During the evening, a new animated widescreen short was presented, entitled Once Upon a Studio. The film was available worldwide on Disney + the following day. The 9-minute short shows many characters from the studio’s long history of shorts and features coming together to take an anniversary photo, which Goofy’s clumsiness almost ruins. With a little help from the fairy godmother and the song “When You Wish Upon a Star”, all’s well that ends well.

Snow White references

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is obviously mentioned several times in the short, first and foremost by its titular character, who sings in a trio with Mulan and the latest Disney princess Asha from Wish. Other characters include Happy, who brushes his beard in front of the mirror with Gaston, Thomas O’Malley and others; Grumpy, who ironically shouts “Well, that was fun!”, after Goofy falls off his ladder. In the final chorus, we see the other dwarfs on screen, on the left, hugging the dalmatians surrounded by the Prince and the old Queen.

Discarded scene

Snow White originally had a conversation with Pumbaa, from The Lion King, about her age in a scene discarded from the final version of the film.

Photo Gallery

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