Find on this page the posters of different sizes used to promote the film during its successive releases in Great Britain.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs went on genral release in Great Britain on March 12, 1938. The quad poster was printed by Stafford and co. Ltd. of Netherfield, Nottingham; and London.


Snow White was re-released on April 3, 1944. The posters were printed by Stafford & Co. Ltd. Netherfield, Nottingham, & London.


On december 20, 1964, Snow White comes out in Great Britain on a double bill with the new live action feature The Legend of Lobo. The posters were printed by Stafford and Co Ltd Nottingham and London.


On March 5, 1972, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs comes back on British screens. The posters were printed in England by W. E. Berry Ltd., Bradford.


Snow White was rereleased on December 21, 1980. The posters were printed by by Lonsdale & Bartholomew Ltd. Nottingham.


Snow White was rereleased on January 21, 1982 in Great Britain. This poster was designed by John Stockle, of the Dixons & Downton advertising agency. Included below are the elements that he created to decide on the look of the final poster. The main artwork measures 30″ x 20″ and two overlays allowed him to change only the title and the central element: the original drawing of the Prince holding Snow White was replaced first by a drawing of the Princess sitting down among the dwarfs, with the head of the Queen projected on a tree to fill the void. A third and final version had Snow White standing up, making the Queen’s head, slightly smaller.


Snow White was rereleased on July 14, 1987 by the Walt Disney Company Ltd. through UK Film Distributors Ltd..