This is the first scene in which the dwarfs have any dialogue, so we can see (and laugh at) each other’s personalities, even if the group’s reaction is unanimous: they’re scared. The situation is highly unusual, and they’re obviously not used to being around anyone. Doc turns out to be a rather cowardly leader, sending Dopey to danger in his place (the other dwarfs are hardly braver).

It seems that scenes 10 and 11 just before the dwarfs enter the house (probably the walkthrough) were eliminated from the final cut.

Many of the scenes were brought to life by Vladimir “Bill” Tytla, Arthur Babbitt and Dick Lundy, who were at ease with the dwarfs, and also by Fred Spencer, who provided hysterical scenes in which the characters were sometimes difficult to recognize and, in group scenes, even lost their faces for a few seconds.


Here is the sequence broken up into scenes with the corresponding animators.

Concept drawings


Animation drawings

Layouts and Backgrounds