This book was released in Great Britain at the time of the first film release in 1938, printed by “London & Glasgow, Collins Clear-Type Press” and published by “Williams Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.”. No one is credited as author or illustrator on this 78 page book.

Although it was issued at the same time as another book published by Collins with almost the same number of pages, this book is intended for younger readers because the text is printed in very large print (“Clear-Type”). Unlike the other book, there is no trace of the cut scenes in the story. On the last page, after the story, there is an advertisement for the card game “Snow White” distributed in Great Britain.

As for the text, the effect produced by the illustrations is that of a less luxurious edition: most of them are in black and white and some are enhanced with shades of red. Only the cover seems to have been made specifically for this book. In my edition there is a beautiful color illustration on a detached page between pages 42 and 43, but not part of the pagination. The format is exactly that of the book, but the illustration clearly stands out from the rest of the book, so much so that one wonders if it is part of the original edition.