On the occasion of the original release of the film in 1938, this luxurious book is released in Great Britain, printed and published by Collins – London & Glasgow. It is an adaptation of the American book “Complete Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” published by Harper & Brothers. It seems that two editions were made in Great Britain, whose only difference, besides the legal mentions, are the covers. Indeed, the pages are exactly the same as in the American edition, where even the text with American spelling has not been adapted. No one is credited as author or illustrator on this book of 12 chapters and 80 pages.
In the story, there are two deleted scenes: the construction of the bed by the dwarves, and even the short cauldron scene where the text reproduces all of the dialogue cut from the movie! On the other hand, the soup scene is not present.
The rich illustrations are those of the studio by Tom Wood, some in color, others in black and white. Only the beautiful cover seems to have been made specifically for this book.