1951 Les Albums Roses cover

Since the film’s release, Hachette Editions has held the contract to publish the books in France, and when the film was re-released in 1951, the story was reissued in the Les Albums Roses collection, as a 28-page illustrated book.

Legal deposit no. 440 was filed in the fourth quarter of 1951 for this book, printed in Italy by “L.G.D.A. – Novara”.

No information is given as to the identity of the author of the text. On page 2, a list of 24 titles “in the same collection” is given, as well as on the back cover where 23 are listed, surrounded by illustrations of Walt Disney characters (Bongo, Donald, Jose Carioca, Mickey Mouse, Figaro, etc.) and other creators such as Babar the Elephant.

The illustrations, sometimes in black and white, sometimes in color, are reproductions of those done by Al Dempster and Ken O’Brien for the book published in the United States in 1948 in the Little Golden Book series, by Simon & Schuster. These illustrations were also used in record books and other books. The illustration on the last page is adapted from Gustaf Tenggren’s original. The back cover features the heads of several Disney characters, including Cinderella, whose film was released in France at the end of 1951.

This book was reprinted several times, with a yellow binding instead of the red of the original edition.

The Book