Album cover

This German album features a collection of self-adhesive stickers on its twenty-six pages. It is published by Sicker Verlag GmbH. The title page explains the principle: collect all the stickers and exchange any duplicates. The next page features a black-and-white reproduction of the 1966 German release poster. A brief summary of the beginning of the tale is reproduced on page 3, after which the vignettes tell the story visually.

The illustrations for these vignettes, with their overall rather naive design, rather clumsily reproducing studio drawings, have been used in similar albums in many countries.

The back cover features a brief summary of the life of the recently deceased Walt Disney, which dates the album after December 15, 1966. As the cover illustration is the same as that of the corresponding Italian album released in 1968, it is likely that the present album dates from the same year.

Sample vignette

The album