Pernigotti ad

In 1939, while in France Menier chocolates were embarking on a similar theme, in Italy Pernigotti chocolates were promoting their sweets and chocolates with images from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The brand remained faithful to the film with partnerships for decades, and is still in business today.

The Illustrations

Illustrator Abelardo Zucchi drew the 8 designs reproduced here, presumably to serve as advertisements in the stores participating in the promotion: Snow White and each of the dwarfs. The drawings are strongly influenced by earlier illustrations, such as Snow White, which bears a strong resemblance to the French posters designed by Bernard Lancy, themselves inspired by a preparatory drawing for the studio by Gustaf Tenggren.

These images were generously brought to our attention on April 16, 2021 on the Snow White Museum Facebook page by Nunziante Valoroso, a great fan of the film. They are part of his personal collection.