On August 23, 1994, months before the USA, Snow White was released on video in France. The film was first available on a laserdisc. Although VHS is the most widely available and the cheapest, this format unquestionably gives better image quality. The disc is packaged in a simple sleeve, with a visual similar to VHS, whose designs will also be used for German and Spanish laserdiscs.

Laserdisc features

The film is offered in PAL at 25 frames per second. It is divided into 28 chapters, with the 29th chapter dedicated to a behind-the-scenes documentary.

The digital Hifi Dolby Surround soundtrack contains the second French version, presented in its 1992 restoration. Thus, the credits are in French, some French inserts are included, but others are modified (the first page of the book at the beginning of the film, the cards for the passage of the seasons), and others are absent (the inscription on the pie). But this is the one and only digital release of the second French version to this day.

Restoration title card


On October 16, 1994, in the specialized periodical Télé K7, Gilles Gressard wrote of this release: “The image of this 57-year-old cartoon masterpiece is sumptuous, without the slightest scratch or blemish (…) This Snow White on laserdisc is close to perfection.

Laserdisc doumentary in French