In 1972, Snow White was released in Italy with a new dubbing. At the end of the following year, this calendar could be purchased in Italy to count the days, months and years until the film was released again. On the cover, the word “calendar” is translated into 4 languages (Italian, French, English, Dutch) and, on the pages, the months, days and holidays even have an additional language (German). But the large-print title, the reference to the Italian holiday of April 25th, and the name of the distributor, Malipiero SPA, leave little doubt as to the book’s origin. Similar calendars exist in other countries. That same year, at least one other calendar came out in the same format, with Topolino, the Italian name for Mickey Mouse, on the cover, but with images from several Walt Disney classics mixed in.

The Illustrations

Some pages, notably April and the cover, feature the studio’s promotional illustrations, while others seem to have been done on purpose or taken from a less popular repertoire. We note that alongside the large color illustrations, black-and-white drawings are sometimes included, as in October, one of which appears to be made to be cut out with three tabs to make the character stand upright.

This calendar was generously brought to our attention on April 14, 2021 on the Snow White Museum Facebook page by Nunziante Valoroso, a great fan of the film. The illustrations below are from eBay seller remsrl. Here’s a preview of this calendar and the Mickey calendar.