This weekly magazine is a program of remarkable outings in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. The cover of this issue, dated August 31, 1940, features the city’s main attraction that week: a show by singer Harry Stockwell, whose photo bears the caption: “the voice of Prince Charming in the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs performs on Labor Day in the Vogue Room of the Hollenden Hotel”. American Labor Day is celebrated on September 2 of that year.

Hal McArthur’s article, “Down the Avenue”, which describes in detail the events not to be missed, naturally opens as follows: “Headlining at Vogue from Monday is singer Harry Stockwell, famous for lending his voice to Prince Charming in Walt Disney’s first animated feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, who will be singing the film’s hits. He will be assisted by the internationally successful D’Ivons dancers.”

This lets us know that, more than 2 years after the film’s release, Harry Stockwell is still riding the wave, and has yet to have an experience in his career capable of rivaling this one, which he not only displays as a calling card, but is really the nature of his show!

In addition to his singing tour, that week saw the release of Alfred Hitchcock’s Foreign Correspondent and Fritz Lang’s The Return of Frank James.

Down the Avenue

Hal McArthur

In the Cafes: Entertainers currently presented in downtown floorshows include Sylvia Froos, nationally famous radio and screen songbird, and the talented Robinson Twins, a dancing duo, at Hotel Hollenden’s Vogue Room, with George Duffy’s excellent dance orchestra. Opening a new bill at the Vogue on Monday, will be singer Harry Stockwell, famed as the voice of “Prince Charming” in Walt Disney’s feature-length animated “Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs“, who will sing hit numbers from the film. In his support will be the dancing D’Ivons, internationally famous ballroom team . . . The talented and tempting Manhattan Girls will continue to kick up their heels at Freddie’s sophisticated nightery, and Jean Gordon will encore on her gentle art of the strip, over the weekend. Eddie Barnes, who has something of a record for long engagements at Freddie’s, will hold forth at the piano with his dozens of naughty ditties. Art Lackey’s Orchestra for dancing. New acts opening Monday . . . The talented and versatile Rollickers, the Big Little Band”, continues at Hotel Carter’s popular new Petit Cafe. They’re good, so be sure and give them a listen . . . The biggest and most spectacular band in these parts, Leighton Noble’s 13-man outfit, continues at Hotel Cleveland’s Bronze Room. Good listening and swell dancing to their original arrangements . . . The gorgeous and talented Lucky Girls repeat for another week at Herman Pirchner’s huge and jolly Alpine Village. So does the marvelous team of Arturo & Evelyn, in their dramatic dance creations. Herman heads the light opera company in popular sketches, with singing, dancing and comedy. Otto Thurn’s music for dancing . . . One of the town’s newest and most unique spots, Martin Fenster’s Cafe Bali, is already famous for food and drink, as well as entertainment. Oriental cooking, and very inspiring tropical drinks in a South Sea setting of thatched roofs, swaying palm trees. A different kind of dance music, along with a good show by the Aloha Hawaiians, authentic native orchestra . . . Informal singing and a gay, easy-going atmosphere in the Hotel Auditorium tap room, Alpine Tavern. If you have a yearning to burst into song, you’ll always find good voices with which to harmonize. Ask for one of those ten-inch matches as a souvenir . . . Lou Holtz, long a star of Broadway and the networks, and famous for his “Sam Lapidus” stories, the rib-tickling dialect yarns, continues at suburban Ohio Villa, magnificent roadhouse a few miles out. Supporting him are Norman, & McKay, dance duo, songstress Lee Bartell, and the Virginia Manch Girls, handsome line of dancing beauties. Maurice Spitalny’s Orchestra. Famous singing star, Peter Higgins, will head an all-new show at the Villa, starting Wednesday, Sept. 4 . . . For that holiday dinner, you couldn’t do better than to take the most attractive motor trip in these parts, out to Crane’s Canary Cottage. at Chagrin Falls. If it’s ham, or steak or chicken, you can’t do better. The cottage is a showplace which will take your breath away. Not too formal.

Potpourri: William (photo supplies) Bryar, next to Hotel Carter, gave the hand of his youngest daughter in marriage this past. Wednesday. It was Iris, who carried Jerome N. Lichtig, grocery chain exec. Two pretty daughters still left! . . . Brothers Sam and Elmer Fetcho are now operating their handsome Samover Restaurant at its new location, Euclid Avenue, near E. 107th. Excellent food, and business is good, thank you! . . . If you like restful, informal (down-on-the-farm) surroundings for a week-end, drop in at Clague’s Saddle & Bridle Club, 4750 Tiedeman Rd. Good riding horses.