This collection of three 78 rpm discs released in December 1948 on the RCA Victor label “His Master’s Voice” with the number Y-17, is a reissue of the J-8 discs.

The sleeve

The sleeve features the same design as on the original 1938 record, but this time printed directly onto a blue background, whereas the previous sleeve was predominantly yellow. This time, the booklet holds the discs, whereas those of the J-8 edition were in individual sleeves.

The discs

The three discs are basically the same as the original, but with different burgundy labels and serial numbers. The songs are distributed as follows:

  • Side 1 45-5097-A With a Smile and a Song
  • Side 2 45-5098–A Dig Dig and Heigh-Ho
  • Side 3 45-5099–A I’m Wishing and One Song
  • Side 4 45-5099-B Whistle While You Work
  • Side 5 45-5098-B Dwarf’s Yodel Song
  • Side 6 45-5097-B Some Day My Prince Will Come

Interestingly, the sides are not numbered as you might expect: side 6 is on the back of side 1, side 5 is on the back of side 2 and side 4 is on the back of side 3, so there are no consecutive numbers on the same disc.