The British original soundtrack album was released on March 11, 1938. It was heavily influenced by the American album: the three 78rpm discs contained the same recording, but the labels on the disc featured a Snow White illustration, and the slip cover, although not in color, was more elaborate.
The title featured on the cover is: Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs exclusive recordings from the actual sound film on “His Master’s Voice”. The illustration, adapted from Gustaf Tenggren’s painting was used again on the French story album.
The album’s number, 27454 0/C/F, seems to be written by hand on the back cover where the owner can also personalize the album by writing their name on it. Snow White holds this text: “Dear …, Snow White sends her love, and hopes that you will like these records of her adventures with the Seven Dwarfs.” A discreet mention reveals that the album was printed in England in March 1938 by permission of Walt Disney – Mickey Mouse LTD. A summary of the story is printed on one page. Once unfolded, drawings illustrated each song and a little text explains the context.
The records could be sold separately. Each record had a number and each side also had a matrix number.

Track listing

Record B.D. 514

With a Smile and a Song (0A.09849)
Dig-a-Dig-Dig and Heigh-Ho (0A.09850)

Record B.D. 515

I’m Wishing and One Song (0A.09847)
Whistle While You Work (0A.09848)

Record B.D. 516

Dwarf’s Yodel Song (0A.09870)
Someday My Prince Will Come (0A.09871)