This 1966 LP is the Danish version of the American 1960 ST-3906 Disneyland LP. This version is adapted, narrated and sung by Grethe Mogensen, whose picture is on the back cover. Mogens Dam adapted the songs and Court Helmer translated the text. Dams is also the voice of the Prince. The cover was printed by Lito-Print in Finland. On it are the logos of His Master’s Voice, Emi Records and the Disneyland series (KELP 107).

The actual music for the film is used but the Danish voices of the original dubbing of the film were replaced by a new recording, especially made for this record.

The same illustrations as in the American version grace the cover and the inside pages.

Although the songs are listed on the records labels, the story is told in two continuous tracks, one for each side of the record.

Track listing

Side 1: “Jeg ønsker”, “Med et smil og en sang”, “Jeg fløjter og ta’r fat” & “Hej-ho! Hej-ho!” (13:01)

Snehvide og de syv sma Dvaerge (Grethe Mogensen) Side 1

Side 2: “Blop-blop-vaskesang”, “En tosset sang”, “Prinsens sang” (12:41)

Snehvide og de syv sma Dvaerge (Grethe Mogensen) Side 2

The Album

Flip through the pages of the album while listening to the story.