This game consists of creating pictures on a metal backdrop using magnetic characters contained in three numbered sleeves. The whole set appears to have been made at the Gélot printing works in Paris, as attested by the back of the box, under authorization from Walt Disney Mickey Mouse S.A., mentioned on the front. In the same collection, there is a similar boxed set on the theme of Bambi, and another on the theme of Pluto. While it’s not possible to determine when the object itself was manufactured and sold, we do know that it was already on the market on March 25, 1954, as it is featured with Bambi in the 26th episode of the children’s TV show Martin Martine, where the magnets are animated frame by frame to tell an original story of the dwarfs fighting the hag. The game is presented as a novelty.

The box also contains a booklet with 12 suggestions for pictures, plus advice on how to preserve the elements and present the picture.

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