Snow White is invited to the party

This episode of the anthology series Disneyland is a parody of the show This is Your Life created by Ralph Edwards in which an unsuspecting celebrity would be surprised into being a guest. Some friends and family members would tell anecdotes. The friends are, of course, are Mickey Mouse, Goofy and other cartoon characters and Donald Duck cartoons are shown throughout the show. The finale includes recycled animation from many Walt Disney features, so that various Disney characters can come visit Donald. Among the guests are Snow White with recycled animation from scene 27, sequence 3B by Grim Natwick, Eric Larson and Milt Kahl, and the dwarfs. The fascinating part is that the Snow White animation is actually longer than in the film: Snow White walks out screen left whereas she just started the motion in the film. And the dwarfs animation by Vladimir Tytla is scene 3, sequence 4B which was discarded from the film and can be seen here fully animated (but flipped so the dwarfs would walk in the correct direction).

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