A direct continuation of the previous sequence, the remaining shots (only 3!) are all animated by Shamus Culhane. Scene 4 was cut, and scene 3, a panning shot of each of the dwarfs whistling as they walked, animated by Vladimir Tytla was moved up first in the sequence, then finally cut just before the film’s release. Too late, moreover, to cut the music that was to accompany it from the original soundtrack released on disc, where the whistling can be heard.

However, this short melody is also present in the film: it is reused in sequence 14B, where the dwarfs push a mine car. As for the animation that was to accompany it, it was originally intended for use in a sequel, Snow White Returns, but was eventually reused, with subtle modifications, in a short advertising film, Standard Parade for 1939, then in a TV program in 1960, This is Your Life Donald Duck.

The entire scene was animated several times, thanks to animator Frank Thomas’s ingenious idea of making Dopey walk with a hitch step every now and then to join the group, and forcing the animators to repeat all the work already done on all walking scenes.


Here is the sequence broken up into scenes with the corresponding animators.

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