Two songs make this sequence a musical presentation of the dwarfs. Right from the opening, we’re plunged into the heart of the mine, with diamonds sparkling all over the screen and the dwarfs sing “Dig Dig Dig”. The personalities of Doc and Dopey are the first to emerge: Doc, the boss, is the one who inspects the quality of the stones, and the way Dopey jokes by putting jewels on his eyes and wagging his ears in contentment immediately describes his mad dog attitude.

A magnificent clock (foreshadowing those in Pinocchio) sets the tone for the famous song that begins in this sequence and continues in the next. The lyrics of “Heigh-Ho” are taken up in chorus by the dwarfs on their way to the mine.

In the last shot (scene 19) of this sequence, the inscription “Vault” appears on the lintel of the room where Dopey throws his bag of stones. This English inscription will be removed from the foreign versions by repainting the background.


Here is the sequence broken up into scenes with the corresponding animators.

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