To the rhythm of the famous song “Whistle as You Work”, Snow White’s first action in this new home is often disparaged but perfectly logical. She has finally found a haven and intends to make herself adopted by the inhabitants she doesn’t yet know, using the talents she has developed in her forced status as a servant: cleaning and cooking. She also adapts the place where she intends to stay to her own taste.

The sequence is above all a pretext for adding numerous visual and musical gags with the animals, in the spirit of what is found in Silly Symphonies. In the final cut, scene 2A has been cut, scene 4 has also disappeared, scene 5 is before scene 3, scene 10 is between 9 and 9A, and so on. Scene 13A reuses the set previously used in scene 3A of the previous sequence (the entrance to the house). Scenes are comparatively a little longer than in previous sequences, perhaps to show that the tension has now fallen.


Here is the sequence broken up into scenes with the corresponding animators.

Concept Drawings


Animation Drawings

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