The dwarfs’ house has been the subject of numerous studies, both for its exterior and its interior, with its carved wooden furniture and architecture. In the catalog of the 2006 exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris France, a comparison is made between the house of the scientist in Metropolis and that of the dwarfs. But the bucolic aspect of the surroundings clearly comes from elsewhere.

In this sequence, the dialogue in scene 7, which was originally “What peculiar appetites” when Snow White was contemplating the dwarfs’ table, was replaced by “a sock” or “a shoe” when these unexpected objects were discovered in the dishes.

Shortly afterwards, scene 12 was replaced by scene 22A, when Snow White is startled by the size of the pile of dishes. Scenes 16 and 17 were deleted in the final draft. However, it seems that one of the two scenes, where Snow White decides to clean up the house (“Perhaps they’ll let me stay?”) has indeed survived. Scenes 22B, 23, 24,25,25B,26,26X,26A and 26B at the end of the sequence have been deleted.


Here is the sequence broken up into scenes with the corresponding animators.

Concept drawings


Animation Drawings

Layouts and Backgrounds