The dwarfs have to bathe against their will: it’s a pretext for the kind of visual gags the animators used to cram into their shorts. Although it’s Doc who sings the song, Grumpy and Dopey get the lion’s share: the former’s incessant grumbling earns him a forced bath, the latter has an epic duel with a bar of soap.

The remarkable thing about this sequence is that almost all the scenes were animated by Vladimir Tytla. Only a few shots of Dopey (26, 26A and 26X) are by Fred Spencer, a shot of the fly on the soap is by Riley Thomson (scene 11), and a scene from Snow White is by Hamilton Luske (scene 34). Everything else is the work of Tytla and his assistants.


Here is the sequence broken up into scenes with the corresponding animators.

Concept drawings


Animation Drawings

Layouts and Backgrounds