Audrey Marsh was a singer. Born Audrey Lois Zellman on March 18, 1911 in New York City, she married Theodore Glenn Monk in 1935 and became the mother of Meredith Monk in 1942. She died in Palm Springs, California on December 13, 2009. She was often asked to sing in commercials in the 1940s and 1950s. The New York Public Library gives a comprehensive summary of her career.

She sings a song on the 1944 Snow White Decca album A 368: I’m Wishing, with a girl choir. The booklet on this album described her so:

One of New York’s own children, Audrey Marsh grew up in the big town studying dramatics even when in public school. She found the path to success easy, for she crashed theatricals as “Mrs. Cohen” in “Abie’s Irish Rose.” She proved to be so good in this characterization that she worked her way up in the cast to the part of “Rosemary,” the feminine lead.

After this she scoured Broadway for work and finally found it over the river in Hoboken, where she played in Christopher Morley’s “After Dark.” Some members of the cast heard her sing and encouraged her to seek an audition with a local music publisher. It was her voice which, in 1929, led her again to cross the river, but this time to appear on a sponsored program, “Gold Strand.”

The delightful Audrey, by expert self-discipline, succeeded in an enterprise at which many singers fail. She changed the range of her voice from soprano to contralto and, in doing so, increased immensely its wonderfully rich quality.

This attractive, blue-eyed blonde has a great many enthusiasms, among them ping-pong, dancing and cooking.