To coincide with the 1944 reissue of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Decca Records released this album no. A 368 on April 4, 1944. The album’s full title is “Selections from Walt Disney’s Feature Production Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and it contains eight songs spread over four 78 rpm discs accompanied by a 16-page booklet featuring photos and biographies of the singers, conductor and Walt Disney himself, as well as advertisements for other discs.

Lyn Murray conducts his orchestra and chorus. Guest singers include: Evelyn Knight, Elizabeth Mulliner, Harrison Knox, Audrey Marsh and The Andy Love Four.

Interestingly, the first notes of the overture use the rare song “Snow White” published on sheet music but unused  in the film and seldom recorded.

Track listing

Disc 23325

  • Snow White Overture (I’m Wishing, Whistle While You Work, Some Day My Prince Will Come, Heigh-Ho) (3:06)
  • Some Day My Prince Will Come (Some Day I’ll Find My Love), Elizabeth Mulliner and Girl Choir (3:05)

Disc 23326

  • Heigh-Ho (The Dwarf’s Marching Song) (2:15)
  • With a Smile and a Song, Evelyn Knight (2:58)

Disc 23327

  • Whistle While You Work (2:38)
  • Buddle-Uddle-Um-Dum (The Washing Song), Evelyn Knight and Andy Love Four (2:06)

Disc 23328

  • I’m Wishing, Audrey Marsh and Girl Choir (2:52)
  • One Song, Harrison Knox (3:21)

The Booklet

The album