Elizabeth Josephine Mulliner was a singer, the spouse of Norman Kador Luboff, famous conductor and composer, since November 6, 1944.

She sings a song on the 1944 Snow White Decca album A 368: Some Day My Prince Will Come, with a girl choir. The booklet on this album described her so:

Betty, as everyone calls her, began her professional career as a singer while she was still a student at Syracuse University. She was on the staff of WFBL and WSYR and was soloist with the Syracuse Symphony. But that was only a start for Betty.

She has sung at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, and as a featured soloist she has been presented on many noteworthy radio programs—”The Gay Nineties Revue,” “The Cavalcade of America,” “The Army Hour,” The Hit Parade,” “The Album of Familiar Music” and “The American Melody Hour.”

Her voice, unlike those of many other soloists, is so well modulated that is blends perfectly with others in choral singing. This talent together with her remarkable “mike presence,” has brought her the enthusiastic admiration of fellow-broadcasters like Lyn Murray, as well as that of the radio audience.