Harrison Knox was a tenor. He sings a song on the 1944 Snow White Decca album A 368: One Song. The booklet on this album described him so:

You have heard Harrison Knox on the air in some of the most popular radio shows. His success has come mainly through broadcasting.

Born in a small town in Illinois, when he arrived at college age, he entered Ohio Wesleyan University to study science. But he soon changed his course and his college, and ultimately graduated from the Northwestern University College of Music. He first appeared as soloist with the University Glee Club and with Dean Peter Christian Lutkin’s “A Cappella Choir.”

After his graduation he came to New York and started doing radio work immediately. He has taken part in such famous shows as those of Schaefer Beer and Squibb. “The Prudential Family Hour” has presented him as soloist and in duets with Gladys Swarthout. At present he can be heard in “Prince Matchabelli’s Stradivari Concert” and, under the name of William Chester, on the Bourjois program.

Mr. Knox is extremely modest about himself and his attainments, an attitude which gives his personality unusual interest and charm.