This 1994 CD is the first time the French soundtrack was published digitally. The cover, illustrated with the same drawing used for the concurrent release of the Laserdisc and VHS of the film, proclaims that the sound was remastered. It is indeed derived from the restored tracks used on the American soundtrack CD, however, the songs and dialogs of the second French version, originally recorded in 1962, are substituted instead of the dialogs in English. Unlike the American CD, the sound was remixed in stereo from the mono tracks, mainly by adding reverb. The last two tracks, although provided with French titles, were left in original English since they are pre-recordings of deleted songs. It is worth noting, however, that a French speaking track of “Music in your Soup” does exist, as it was recorded in Canada for a rather recent TV airing of the sequence.

The extensive liner notes of the American CD are also gone: the booklet here only lists the tracks and there is a brief mention that “Lucie Dolène is the voice of Snow White”. None of the other artists are listed. Also there seems to be a mixing error as track 9, “Heigh-Ho”, is listed as 2’46 min, when in reality, the track is only 1’52 min long since the music fades out in the middle of the song for some reason. However, track 24 is complete, unlike the version in English released a year earlier where a shorter finale was included.

The Booklet