Paulette Rollin (70199M) 1958

Cinderella sings Snow White

This Barclay record features 4 newly reorchestrated and recorded songs by Mario Bua and his orchestra, sung by Paulette Rollin. Mario Bua (1921 – 2008) was a composer and arranger for cinema, television, and the record industry. Paulette Rollin (1920 – 2017), wife of conductor Hubert Rostaing, was, at the time of this record’s release, “the” Disney voice. She began by lending her voice to the singing harp in the feature film Fun and Fancy Free. Her performance was so well-received that she was given the singing role of Cinderella. Following this, Paulette Rollin released several compilations of children’s song records, many of which were from the films Bambi, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Three Little Pigs, Alice in Wonderland, and of course Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Indeed, this is the only title that has a dedicated 45 rpm record for a single film.

The logic of having the songs from Snow White interpreted by the performer of Cinderella may surprise. Yet, this is exactly what happened before in the United States with a record where Ilene Woods, the American performer of Cinderella, sang Snow White with Eleanor Audley in the role of the Queen, the actress who had voiced Lady Tremaine in Cinderella!

The Cover

The front cover illustration is a photo by Herman Leonard representing figurines made by Delacoste, based on the molds of the Seiberling latex dwarf figurines, only with a different Snow White. The photograph was most likely colorized but also horizontally reversed. The actual colors of these figurines were rathe close, but in reality, Doc, for example, raises his left arm, not the right.

On the back, there are advertisements for Paulette Rollin’s other records, some of which feature songs from Snow White. The list of songs from this record is also included, and one can smile at the raw addition of the song durations per side. For instance, side A lasts “3’73” instead of 4’13. The song “Heigh Ho” is listed as “Heigh”.

The cover was printed by Glory, Paris, and the inscription tells us that copies were reissued in April 1959, December 1959, November 1962, etc.

Track listing

Side 1 (7 E BLY 2084)

  • Un chant (One Song) 2’30
  • Sifflez en travaillant (Whistle While You Work) 1’43
Un chant
Sifflez en travaillant

Side 2 (7 E BLY 2085)

  • Un jour mon Prince viendra (Some Day My Prince Will Come) 2’27
  • Heigh (Heigh Ho) 1’38
Un jour mon Prince viendra
Heigh Ho