Hachette Hop-là book cover

After the war, Hachette still held the publishing contract for the books in France, and reissued the book that had come out in 1938. But in the Hop-là album collection, a new 24-page book with a simple title, “Snow White”, came out in 1949.

Legal deposit no. 8553 was filed in the fourth quarter of 1949 for this book, printed in Italy by “G.D.A. – Novara 1947”.

No information is given as to the identity of the author of the text, which is a condensed version of that of the 1938 Hachette book and the book “Blanche Neige et ses amis les bêtes“.

Although heavily inspired by studio drawings, the illustrations seem to have been made specifically for this book, although no artist, once again, is credited. The book alternates between color and black-and-white images, but 4 pages and a double-page spread contain color illustrations, some of whose elements are movable and can be activated by tabs.

You can see a preview of this book above. Some pages are shown twice, to show the differences when the tabs are pulled.

The Book