To coincide with the film’s original release in 1938, Hachette Editions won the contract to publish the books in France, and several were released that year. The title of this book suggests that it’s a spin-off from the film, revolving around the heroine’s relationship with animals. In fact, it’s nothing of the sort. The text is exactly the same as in the book released at the same time as the film.

The present work reproduces the text in 60 pages and is published under number 27336-8-38 in the “Hop-là!” album collection, which at the time included several titles in the “Mickey” and “Silly Symphonies” categories, including Snow White.

No information is given as to the identity of the author of the text, but the book was printed by Brodart et Taupin, Coulommiers-Paris. The book was promoted in the 1939 New Year’s catalogs. According to the one published for the “Aux Dames de France” store in Marseille, the book was sold for 40 francs. Several press articles mentioned the book in the run-up to Christmas 1938, including Le Jour on December 19 and Le Figaro on December 20.

Although heavily inspired by studio drawings, the illustrations seem to have been made specifically for this book, although no artist, once again, is credited. The illustrations in the margin of the text are in black and white, different from the other edition, but the real originality of this edition is that it features, scattered throughout the book, three-dimensional illustrations that unfold onto three double-page spreads in color. It’s here and on the cover that the book’s title takes on its full meaning, as they reproduce scenes of Snow White surrounded by animals.

The Book