Bashful is shy, timid, and easily flustered, especially around Snow White. He’s constantly blushing and stammering, unable to express his true feelings. Bashful’s rosy cheeks and downcast eyes reflect his introverted nature. His voice, portrayed by Scotty Mattraw, is soft-spoken and hesitant, capturing his shy demeanor.


Animators Fred Moore and Vladimir Tytla, and concept artists Albert Hurter and Ferdinand Horvath, among others, were responsible for bringing Sneezy to life on the screen, giving him a vulnerability that endears him to audiences.

Bashful (September 28, 1936 – sheet 1)
December 21, 1979 Cannes Festival Vignette

Bashful’s fame

Bashful is among the only two dwarfs with a solo number during The Silly Song sequence, although it takes 3 times for him to work up the courage to actually sing it.