As his name suggests, Happy is the jolliest of the dwarfs. He’s always smiling, laughing, and finding joy in the simplest things. Happy’s round, cherubic face and infectious laughter make him instantly endearing. His voice, portrayed by Otis Harlan, is bright and cheerful, reflecting his sunny disposition.


Animators Fred Moore and Vladimir Tytla, and concept artists Albert Hurter and Ferdinand Horvath, among others, imbued Happy with an exuberance that radiates off the screen, making him a beloved character for generations of viewers.

Happy (Circa September 28, 1936 – Study)
Sequence 6B – Soup Sequence

Happy’s fame

Happy was meant to be one of the most important dwarfs: he is one of the very few who gets a solo verse in the Silly Song, but he also was supposed to be the lead singer of the song “Music in Your Soup”, and was the one who kicked the soap out of Dopey’s stomach. In another discarded idea, it seems that it was him who was supposed to lead the song “You’re Never Too Old To Be Young”.

In the end, his part in the film is not as important as originally planned, somehow, he is even inexplicably absent from the sequence when Snow White kisses each dwarf off to work.